The Atlantis Foundation series continues to follow the exploits of our elemental teams as they explore newly reported phenomenon around the world. Each team begins to patch their networks back together and determine where their efforts are best deployed. The newly re-built Foundation begins to monitor activity by assorted countries and organizations. NASA, NOWA, etc.


South Pole

Recently a study by NOR (National Oceanic Research) had determined that the famous Pacific Ocean Ring Of Fire is on the verge of expanding at a far greater rate than historically defined by its cycle of expansion.

NOR has been studying the temperatures, lava and magma directional flows, island growth and ocean water levels for the last 110 years.

Based on new research, they have reached out to the Foundation to help determine the cause.

The foundation is dispatching the Fire team (Packard and Ina) to investigate volcano activity near Alaska.

Ring of Fire

A New Continent

The Series

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration) released a report that stated that the South Pole is currently 15% warmer than it should be, even accounting for global warming.

NASA has reached out to the Foundation to see if the Foundation can help determine it's cause. Is the temperature change a direct result of the global altercations recently concluded within the foundation that ended less than four years prior? Or is there another reason and is the world to expect additional anomalies?

The Foundation has decided to  dispatch the Water team (Gustaf and Tamiko) to investigate.

It wasrecently announced that the World Association of Planetary Study and the Atlantis Foundation the lost (eighth) continent that became submerged and reconnected to the earths mantle at the birth of the current seven continents had been re-discovered .

The continent lies directly beneath what is now Australia and New Zealand and it is rising.

The foundation is dispatching the Water team (Gustaf and Tamiko) to begin the investigation but the other teams are on standby.

Recently the NOAA National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration) and the Atlantis Foundation  has determined that the effects of El Nino, La Nina and other air patterns are having a slow but definitive effect on the ocean currents: direction, temperature, depth, etc.

The Atlantis Foundation is dispatching two teams (Air - Diego and Gavin) / Water - Gustaf and Tamiko) to determine if it is caused by the great upheaval, the machine breakdowns or other reasons.

The teams will need to find the cause and determine if it can be stopped.

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