Ebony : National Reserve Restoration Advocate (South Africa) - tall (almost six feet), very slim, unbelievably attractive, smart. At 26, she had already acquired a PHD and two Masters degrees. She had recently cut her hair to a very copped look in the hopes it would detract from her beauty.

The Earth Team : Nora and Ebony

Gustav : Team Lead - Boat Captain (Crete) - every ounce the picture of a highly respected Greek trawler skipper out of Heraklion, Crete. Unfortunately, times had changed and he had now been reduced to running tourists to the islands as a stereo-typed “boat” captain. At 6’3”, 56 years old, thinning hair, cropped beard, he was still ruggedly attractive. All those years at sea had tanned his skin into an olive leather fixed mask.

Deigo : Team Lead - Communication Tower Builder (Bolivia) - Thirty Three years old, short, stocky but rugged, his jet black hair had become somewhat unruly out in the bush where he was building Communication towers. His naturally dark compaction was further enhances by outdoor work.

Ina : Photographer (Italy) - At twenty three, Her short height (five feet one inch) and average build with mid length cropped dusty blond hair did not open many doors. She has awards for her photography and had even attempted to change her physical appearance in hoping to break into the big leagues. So much has been photographed in Italy, she has begun to explore other locations.

Element (Ether) Group Leader - Danny - Software Engineer (Florida, USA) - a man in his early forties, about 5’7”, good shape, light brown hair starting to show grey at the temples, strong jaw, with a mild look of curiosity in his eyes.

The Foundation Members : Mr. Onyx

The   Atlantis Foundation Books

Nora : Team Lead - (Store owner (New Mexico, USA) - long, straight, shoulder blade length bleached brown hair had been generated by years of desert stone hunting and was stunning. Her high cheek bones were a direct heredity trait left from her Native American bloodline.  Offset by the deep golden tan, she could have stepped out of a western magazine. At the tender age of 29, she was the perfect “Western” store owner.

Packard : Team Lead - Fireman (Australian) - Just turned thirty, five foot nine inches but makes up for it with incredible strength and speed. His classic black hair, tightly trimmed goatee, good looks and cloths lead you to believe that life is good

The Air Team : Gavin and Diego

The Fire Team : Packard and Ina

Tamiko : Student (Japan) - 14 and still underdeveloped physically. Five feet eight inches tall (unusual for a young Japanese girl) with slight build, braided black hair and very long arms, she appeared to be fragile and shy. She however, was a blossoming Asian beauty just coming into age. What you could never have guessed upon seeing her was that her IQ was over 180. That coupled with a photographic memory, made her a very capable individual to deal with.

The Water Team : Gustav and Tamiko

Gavin : Radio DJ (Ireland) - Thirty nine years old and of average height (five feet six inches), he is stocky with a tight cropped beard and matching cropped dark brown hair. He looked good in the standard wool sweater and Docker trousers commonly worn in Ireland.

Mr. Onyx: Foundation Director:  in his late thirties, bald with no distinguishable marks or scars. He was as non-descript as anyone could be. It was as if he had been designed that way. He was fit and wore a very expensive tailored suit. He had no facial hair and that made it a little challenging to keep your eyes on him as he seemed to shift in and out of focus